CT0034: Understanding transboundary waters and connection with climate change

Water is practically where the world sits – It is a shared resource and blurs the boundary between Nations and continents.

Our guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast is ⁠Meghna Chakraborty⁠ – a global water professional with multiple experiences. Most of her work is currently African-focused. Meghna is originally from India, however, she is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Meghna sheds light on Transboundary waters, their connections with climate change, and the role of young people in climate change.

In addition, you will learn about:

  • The concept of upstream and downstream nations
  • How conflict breaks out when one nation’s relationship with water affects the others.
  • Ways to be more effective and efficient with our water use – especially with the rising populations across the world.

One key takeaway for me is that: Conversations are good but conversations alone won’t bring change, rather conversation should guide actions.

So much to learn on this podcast.

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