CT0033: Improving Climate Change Communication

A country that truly wants to address its climate change crisis will respect, improve and also invest in education and research.

My guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast is Jumoke Omodeni, a Climate Science Researcher based in Ibadan, Nigeria. She shared her joruny into the climate change space with me. Among other things, we also talked about improved ways of communicating climate change.

You will also learn about:

–       How we must save ourselves as no saviours are coming for us.

–       How we navigate the challenges of engaging politicians.

–       Why people have sceptical views on climate change-related issues and ways to engage them.

And wait…. do you get overwhelmed when you hear or think about climate change? You are not alone! Jumoke Omodeni is one of thousands, probably millions, of young people anxious about climate change. Jumoke shares how she has been able to crawl out of helplessness, overcome climate anxiety and now has become an empowered climate leader whose work is making ripple impacts today.

So much to learn on this podcast. Listen here:

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