CT009 – The Politics Behind the Amazon Forest Fire

“We don’t need to pray for the Amazon; we need now to act. if you think you can do anything in your power to help the situation, please do it, let’s make the world aware.”

This is a very emotional episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, – perhaps the most emotional episode yet. The reason isn’t far-fetched, it has not been the best of times for us on the planet. Days in, weeks out, we have seen the amazon rainforest burn into ashes, thousands of fauna and flora species have fast disappeared, hundreds of indigenous people have been displaced and the damage seems beyond repair.

On this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, my guest is Paloma Costa, a 27-year old Climate Activist in Brasilia, the biggest city of Brazil. Paloma coordinates the working group of Engajamundo, a youth-led Climate Change focused organization in Brazil she is also the co-founder Ciclimáticos, a collective of bicycle activists documenting the impacts of climate changes in Brazil.

Happening right in the middle of the Latin America Climate Week and a few weeks to the United Nations Secretary-General Climate Action Summit, the disaster caused by the Amazon Forest Fire is a very sad reality and one a brave folk like Paloma can step-up to tell us about the politics behind the Amazon Forest Fire.

You’ll also find out:

  • Outcomes of the Latin America Climate Week.
  • Limitations of youths and indigenous people in global Climate Action.
  • How young people are urging the government to understand and rely on science and fact-based data.

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