CT004 – Addressing Climate Change in Africa, “everything is political!”

“We know what to do, the problem is doing it.” – Dr. James Murombedzi

Dr. James Murombedzi is my guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast. Currently, James is the Head of the African Climate Policy Center (ACPC) at the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA).

Beyond being a global expert on how land and resource rights affect rural stakeholders and local governance in Africa, Dr. James understands how Economic Growth and Climate Change could complement each other for global sustainable growth.

This is primarily what we discussed on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast; you’ll also discover:

  • Why Africa should not depend on the Copenhagen USD100 billion climate fund.
  • What is the relevance of continuous engagements in Climate Change forums, workshops and conferences.
  • Why are there still massive investments in coal, fossil fuels and other unsustainable sources of power?
  • The need for Africans to demand technology transfer and mechanisms tailored towards devising African solutions.
  • What is the exact cost of Climate Change – mitigation and adaptation, particularly on the African continent.

Production Team: Olumide Idowu and Jimoh Oluwatobi Segun

Background Music: A Whole New World from Disney

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