CT0032: Urine-powered generators and the future of alternative energy sources.

In a world where 1 litre of urine is as effective as 7 litres of fuel to meet our energy needs, how is it that 2 billion people remain without access to electricity and 80% of our energy source is fossil fuel-based?

Ejikeme Patrick Nwosu is my guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, he is a researcher and the CEO of Lumos Laboratories, Nigeria. He believes that cleaner energy alternatives can power our world. One of his six patent/registered innovations is the generation of hydrogen-ammonia-rich flammable gases from human and animal urine.

After listening to this episode of the podcast, you will agree with the likes of Al Gore, Johan Rockström, and Antonio Guterres that we have the solutions, we have the technologies to address climate change what we need is:

–       Invest in resources to scale

–       Rally the political will, and

–       Build a collective drive to move faster in the same direction.

More about Lumos Laboratories here: https://lumoslabsng.com/

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Relevant links:

1.     https://lumoslabsng.com/

2.     https://core.ac.uk/download/pdf/268006168.pdf

3.     https://www.eesi.org/topics/fossil-fuels/description

4.     https://www.enpor.eu/energy-poverty/

5.     www.climatetalkpodcast.com

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