CT0029: Water and Climate: Understanding the connections.

What is the connection between water and climate? Pretty obvious to some but not to all.

My guest on this episode of the Climate Talk Podcast, Shaina Shay is an accomplished water professional who has spent more than a decade developing expertise in water policy and management conservation, and community outreach. She puts forward in simple terms the need to drive water and climate change conversation in ways that more actors can co-create solutions and perhaps this is the first time you get to hear about “the Internet of Water”

In this episode, you will learn about:

  • How the presence or absence of water is a key indicator of climate change.
  • How experts in different water industries approach challenges can inspire creative, impactful solutions.
  • How collaboration can help us to face the complex and changing water challenges we are faced with.
  • The universality of water issues globally and the role of policies in addressing water challenges.

Shaina is the main author of ⁠The Water Report⁠, for over 20 years, this report documents how water professionals across the world are working hard to secure a sustainable future. More about the report ⁠here⁠.

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