CT0028: What can children do about the climate crisis?

What can children do about the climate crisis? Zach is my youngest guest on the Climate Talk Podcast and I must admit he is not just smart, he is very optimistic that little actions matter in making the world a better place.
Ever wonder why governments continue to subsidize fossil fuel despite knowing the danger it poses to people and our planet; ignoring cleaner options such as solar panels which have been functional for a long time. This was part of the exciting chat with Zach Fox Devol, we also spoke about how children make up an important stakeholder in the discourse about climate change. He opened me up to new knowledge and historical records of climate action in the United States of America.
More about my guest:
Zach Fox-DeVol is an extraordinary 11-year-old climate activist and the host of We The Children, a podcast about climate change and global warming solutions. Each week he interviews expert guests and tackles hard topics on caring for our planet, in a fun way from an 11-year-old’s perspective. When he is not working on podcasts, you can find Zach in California working on magic tricks, chess, 3D printing, and Rubik’s cube.

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